Pet Memorials


‘Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened’
— Anatole France

The death of a pet can be as significant as the death of a family member. Our Pet Memorials page allows pet owners to share their grief and to celebrate the lives of the animals who have enriched their lives. The PEI Humane Society hopes the photographs and messages on these pages will help ease the loss of grieving pet owners and inspire others to share their animal tributes.  Please share your story with us.


Rusty dog died June 23, 2010. More loved than he could know… more missed than he could imagine. You were a very special dog ‘Rusty dog’… Rest peacefully now

xo Ann, Jeff, and Jasper


Our cat Scooter was with us for 15 wonderful years. He provided our family with constant love and companionship as well as lots of laughs and memories. Scooter came from the Humane Society (originally from Morell) and we immediately fell in love with this adorable kitten. He later matured into a beautiful, sweet boy.

Scooter had his share of challenges in his life, but proved to be very tough. He once went missing for 4 days and ended up being locked in a neighbors’ garage without food or water. In addition, he developed diabetes at age 12 and nearly lost his life. As a result, he was on insulin twice a day but quickly bounced back to his huge and happy self.

Scooter was special in so many ways. He was very accepting of other pets in the household, over time consisting of rabbits and a puppy. He’d be sure to show his dominance in the house but eventually he would break down and learn to tolerate them all. We always made sure to let him know that he was still ‘King’.

Scooter loved to be outdoors and this is where he spent most of his days, lazing around, sleeping under bushes, chasing mice, and befriending the neighbors and dogs. He was quick to guard his territory, keeping watch over the house, particularly on the front step where he loved to sit. While getting up there in age, he was still a feisty boy but could quickly turn into a big baby when the mood struck.

Unfortunately, Scooter went out one Sunday evening but was never to return home again. We’ve searched and searched, but all we can hope is that it was his time to go and that he went in peace. We are lost without him, and not knowing what happened makes it all the much harder. It’s hard to believe that he will never be around to sleep with or to hug again. A huge part of our family is now gone.

Scooter, we will miss your distinctive meow, your loud purr, and your loveable personality. Most of all, we will miss coming home to that friendly greeting you always gave, no matter what the occasion. We will never have a sweeter boy. You will be forever missed but never replaced. Always in our hearts.

Love, Maureen, Larry, Krista and Missy