Volunteer as a Board Member

The Board of Directors of the PEI Humane Society provides strategic direction and assistance to the organization to successfully achieve its mission, goals and objectives.

Please review our Board FAQ below to learn more about volunteering on our Board and complete the Board Member Application Form. As PEI’s only animal shelter, we encourage applicants from across the Island to come forward as Board member candidates.

Send your application and a copy of your resume to the PEIHS Executive Director, Marla Somersall: msomersall@peihumanesociety.com with “Board Application” in the subject line.

Who serves on the PEIHS Board?

Our Board members come from all walks of life and have skills that are required by the Board to fulfil its purpose. They share a vision and commitment to the PEIHS and the animals in the Shelter’s care.
Ideal candidates for the Board are individuals who have prior experience with charitable or not-for-profit organizations and expertise in:

  • Vision setting
  • Management/strategic planning
  • Communications/public relation
  • Fundraising and lobbying
  • Financial management
  • Organizational development
  • Working with multiple levels of government

Other requirements include:

Age: By law, Board members must be at least eighteen years of age.
Education: Formal education is not a requirement for all Board positions, although professional expertise is required for the Board to ensure an appropriate mix of perspectives at the table. Candidates possess a combination of work and personal experience that provides them with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the financial, administrative, and ethical and policy issues that may be put to the Board.
Knowledge/Awareness: Candidates should possess an understanding of, and interest in, animal welfare and should appreciate the need to demonstrate a public image that is in keeping with the philosophies and goals of the PEIHS.
Personal Suitability: Board members must be willing and have the confidence to challenge proposed policies, activities, etc of the organization. However, the ability to challenge must be balanced with recognition of the need to work in a cooperative manner and demonstrate a style that values collaboration and unity.
Financial Commitment: All Board members are encouraged to make a personal financial commitment to the PEIHS and to seek out opportunities for financial support in the community through their personal and professional contacts.

What is expected of a PEIHS Board member?

The Board of Directors meets monthly in the evening. Reports, background materials, and other information are sent to Board members several days before the meeting, and Board members are expected to have read the materials and have their questions and comments prepared prior to the meeting.

The main responsibilities of the PEIHS Board are:

  • Determine the PEIHS mission, vision, values and goals.
  • Recruit and select the Executive Director when necessary.
  • Provide financial oversight of the Society’s budget to ensure continued fiscal responsibility and monitor financial growth and development consistent with established goals and objectives.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.
  • Ensure effective organizational planning.
  • Recruit and orient new Board members and assess Board performance;
  • Enhance the organization’s public standing.
  • Support and monitor the Executive Director and his/her performance according to set objectives.
  • Since discussions may involve confidential or sensitive issues, Board members sign a Confidentiality Agreement and an agreement to adhere to the PEIHS Ethics Policy. Board Members are required to declare any potential conflict of interest according to PEIHS policy.
  • Board members are expected to attend most, if not all, major PEIHS events (as outlined in the Bylaws).

How do I become a PEIHS Board member?

Board selection is to be determined at the Annual General Meeting in June of each year. However, in some cases Board vacancies may be filled during the year depending on the vacancy and the candidate. The process is as follows:

  1. Interested individuals will be asked to complete an application and submit it with a resume to the President, via the Executive Director.
  2. The application will be distributed to the Board for review.
  3. Barring any Board objections, the candidate will then be contacted by the Past President for an in-person interview.
  4. If selected, the Past President will invite the candidate to attend an upcoming Board meeting to determine suitability from the Board’s and candidate’s perspectives.
  5. If both parties agree to continue, the start date of the candidate will be determined and appointment to the Board will be noted in the minutes.

What’s in it for me?

There are many personal rewards to be gained from serving on the PEIHS Board of Directors:

  • sharing with a team in the accomplishment of doing something important for the PEIHS and the Island’s lost, abandoned and homeless companion animals
  • developing new skills
  • using existing skills in new ways to addressing interesting and challenging issues
  • learning more about the PEI Humane Society, its operations and its role in the community
  • meeting people with common interests
  • developing your volunteer knowledge and skills – in the future, you may want to
  • help other non-profit organizations as well
  • giving back to the community
  • being associated with an organization that has been helping your community since 1977.