Foster A Pet

Our Pet Foster Volunteers provide an essential and special service to help companion animals that are not quite ready to be adopted into their new homes.

“The most rewarding part is you know you are helping a good cause and by fostering you are preparing the animals to go to a good home”– Foster volunteer Regan

Individuals or families lend a paw by opening their homes to expecting mothers, new born kittens/puppies and their mother, to a companion animal recovering from a surgery or to one who is finding his stay in the Shelter a little too overwhelming.  At other times, there are simply more animals needing a helping hand to their permanent homes than the shelter can house.

“Being able to give a stray animal a safe and loving atmosphere to build their confidence and trust is why I foster” Foster volunteer Debbie

Typically, companion animals will spend 2-8 weeks with their Foster Families, depending on the reason the animal is in foster care.

The PEI Humane Society provides the Volunteer Foster Families with all of the necessary supplies to properly care for the animals that will be living in their homes temporarily, such as:

  • food
  • food and water dishes
  • toys
  • blankets and pet beds
  • litter and litter box
  • kennels
  • any necessary medication
“I can not speak highly enough about the support the PEI Humane Society gives to foster families. They are there for you every step of the way” Foster volunteers Janet & John

We ask our Pet Foster Volunteers to provide with regular updates.  The primary animal caregiver must be 18 years of age or older.

Click here to apply to become a Volunteer Foster Home.