Lost Pets

Welcome to our Lost Pets page. Pets posted on this site are stray animals brought into the PEI Humane Society by the public or by our Animal Protection Officers.

  • Stray dogs will be posted for 5 days
  • Stray cats will be posted for 3 days

* If the pet is not claimed during this time, it becomes the property of the PEI Humane Society.

* Pets are identified with a log-number and the general location where they were found.

* Pets that become the property of the PEI Humane Society will be evaluated for health, temperament and suitability for adoption.

* If your pet is posted on this site, please phone the PEI Humane Society as soon as possible.

* Please click on the individual photo for more detailed information

We hope that by offering this internet service many of the stray pets we receive will find their way back home. Remember that an ID tag on your pet’s collar and permanent microchip ID is the fastest way to get them home!


You may also wish to check out the Helping Lost Pets website by clicking here