How to search for your lost pet

IMMEDIATELY go to the Helping Lost Pets webpage to fill out a form.




PEI Radio Stations:

• CFCY: 902 892-1066
• Ocean 100 /Hot 105.5 : 902-569-1003
• CBC Radio: 902-629-6400
• SPUD Radio: 902-436-2202



What NOT To do when your dog goes missing:

  1. Do Not Enter – A person’s residence is considered private property and should not be entered without the authorities being involved. Even if you hear your dog barking or see them inside the house, do not enter. This can be considered trespassing and could lead to your arrest or harm.
  2. Seeing is Believing – Don’t assume that someone has stolen your dog or that your dog has transitioned just because someone tells you that they believe this is true. Unless you actually see your dog in someone’s home or have located your dog’s body, you can’t really be sure. As you know, dogs from the same breed can look very much alike.
  3. Money for Nothing – Never mention or negotiate a dollar amount associated with a reward with someone unless they provide you with proof that they have located your dog. There have been cases that I have worked on where someone has stolen or has kept a dog until the reward dollars are more substantial. I’ve also had clients hand over the reward dollars before acquiring their dog. The desperation to have your dog returned can sometimes lead to poor judgment.
  4. Calling All Dogs – Do not call out loud for your dog verbally while you’re still driving from place to place during your search. Unless you see your dog while searching an area by car, do not verbally call them. By the time they hear your voice, you may be long gone from the location and you will miss them. This may cause them to not pursue your vocal calls the next time, feeling that you will not be at the location when they arrive.