Dr. Rhonda MacDonald shaves head for charity!

Dr. Rhonda MacDonald, our shelter veterinarian is shaving off all her hair for cancer and animals!

Dr. Rhonda & Moosey

Please support her by making a donation!   Money raised will be split between the PEI Humane Society and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Thanks to supporters First Choice Haircutters, the head shaving will take place on Sunday, November 05th at 12 noon.  Her goal is to raise $5000!  Can you help Dr. Rhonda?  Top fundraiser gets the first buzz!  They will also be offering $10 charity haircuts all day.

Veterinarian, Dr. Rhonda MacDonald is a crucial member our Shelter Team. Very few shelters have the luxury of the services of a veterinarian in house.

Dr. Rhonda examines every animal that comes into shelter for illness, injury and to ensure its health. She does minor treatments, limited by the facilities that we have available, and provides ongoing assessment and follow up of treatment that is done for us at clinics. We are able to keep our cost significantly lower while providing the best possible care thanks to her practical approach, experience and skill.

We are lucky to have Dr. Rhonda with us. Her practical approach, her ability to get the job done, and her willingness to teach are among the many qualities that make her a great asset. As we plan ahead, we are looking to develop the resources to allow Dr. Rhonda to provide better service to our furry friends. Some basic equipment in the treatment room would allow her to do some of the minor surgeries that we are not currently able to do. Our aim is to reduce care costs so that we can improve our facilities for enrichment and well being, and most important to reduce wait times for animals in house waiting for adoption.