Wish List

Each year, the PEI Humane Society helps hundreds of stray, abandoned and homeless companion animals. We are a not-for-profit charitable organization that relies on the generosity of our individual and corporate donors to help continue our programs and services.

If you are interested in pursuing one of items or if you have any questions, please contact Marketing and Development Manager, Leanne Cail , via email at lcail@peihumanesociety.com or by phone at 902-892-1190. 

Please be advised we are no longer collecting toner cartridges for recycling, or shredded paper for kennels. Thank you to all those that participated in these fundraisers!





 Rolled Coin, Cash or “in kind” donations of Wish List Items

 Canadian Tire $$$ used to buy suppliescanadiantire

 Sherwood Drugmart “Perks” dollars

 Dollarama gift cards

 Collect Air Miles using the PEI Humane Society Collector

Card Number.  Click here to print a copy.






 Non-clumping cat litter – (This is one of our highest expenses!)

 Canned cat food and dog food, pate-style preferred over chunks&gravy (we’re very fortunate to receive all our dry cat and dog food from pet food supplier K9 Shop. We are currently using Tuffy’s/Nutrisource brand pet food)

 Hypoallergenic veterinary diets for cats or dogs

 All types of clean, washable toys for cats and dogs – ex. “Kongs”, squeaky or pet-friendly stuffed toys

 All types of pet treats (without food colouring, please)

 Canned tuna in water, low sodium

 Tricky Treat Balls for cats and dogs

 Greenies Pill Pockets for cats and dogs

 Stainless steel food and water dishes for dogs and cats

 “Aspen” shavings and “Carefresh” animal bedding (no pine or cedar please)

 Oxbow brand rabbit and guinea pig pellets (available at Global Pet Foods, Blue Ribbon Pet Supply and PetSmart) 

 Dried apple branches from your apple tree at home, which are non toxic chews for rodents and rabbits

 Royal Canin “Medi-Treats” for dogs and cats  – small animals love them too! Available at Veterinary Clinics

 Woodstove pellets or Yesterday’s News for rabbit and ferret litter

feliway Feliway – Spray for cats can be purchased from your local Veterinary clinic

 Paper Towels

 Powdered Laundry detergent

 Liquid Dishwasher detergent

 Liquid dish detergent

 Clear Garbage bags – 13 and 30 gallon sizes

 Disposable latex and non-latex gloves (size medium)

 Clean gently-used facecloths, hand towels, blankets

 Walkie talkies, durable and water resistant

 Q – tips

 Bathroom floor mats (for kennels and housing areas)

collarAdaptil. (Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the natural comforting pheromone released by a mother dog to reassure her puppies.) – spray or collars for dogs ( can be purchased from your local Veterinary adaptil-dap-sprayclinic)








 Gift Certificates or cash donations for: car washes, windshield washer fluid, motor oil, and disposable gloves

 Mark’s Work Warehouse Coupon Vouchers

 Disinfectant Wipes

 Battery Booster Pack with Air Compressor






 New or gently-used collars and leashes. We do not use pinch collars, prong

collars or shock collars

gentle leader New or gently-used “Halties” or “Gentle Leader” head collars

Haltie New or gently-used Easy Walk harness (clips on front)






 Freeze Dried Liver Treats for training



 Projector (compatible with laptop for a variety of presentations)

 AA re-chargeable batteries and unit

 Webcam


SHELTER INTERIOR – Administration Areas 

 New energy efficient general lighting fixtures to replace existing fluorescent lighting fixtures throughout the building.  Varying sizes.



 Commercial “sliding letter” reader board for front lawn

 Windsor Pet Care Ice Melt (salt & chloride free)



 Photocopier paper (white and coloured)

 Display boards

 New banker boxes

 Lint Rollers

 Wifi enabled Tablet(s)(to fill out online application forms on-site or to use for the same purpose at events off-site)



Volunteers play an important role at the Society by helping with a variety of task such as, dog walking, cat care, rabbit and critter care, laundry, errands, and helping out at a special event. In addition, we have a Pet Foster Volunteer program where a volunteer opens their home to an animal with special needs or when there’s temporarily no room at the Society. We will provide the food, supplies and when needed medication.

To sign up to volunteer or for more information click here!