Monthly Giving Program

Monthly Giving Program – Help us plan for the future

_MG_7699jossieThere are many ways to help the PEI Humane Society.  The best way would be a monthly giving program.

YOU provide the loyal monthly support the animals count on. With the help of monthly donors, the Humane Society is able to continue to feed, shelter and provide veterinary care for hundreds of animals each year.

By signing up you support our animals every month with a safe and secure automatic withdrawal from your bank account, or on your credit card. Then at the beginning of the year, you will receive one consolidated tax receipt for full amount of funds you donated over the previous year.

YOU decide how much to donate, how to donate (bank account or credit card) and for how long. You stay in control of your donation as well; at any time you can increase or decrease the amount or simply stop your gift — all it takes is a simple phone call or email to us.


Benefits of becoming a monthly donor include:


Helps us plan more effectively: A dependable source of funds gives the PEIHS a greater ability to commit to long-term projects that ensures sustainability and that we are there when the animals need us

Environmentally friendly: Less cheques, less stamps, less envelopes, less waste!

Easy: Simple monthly deductions and one convenient annual receipt

Saves money: Monthly donations mean less paperwork and administration, making monthly giving one of the most cost-effective methods of helping island animals

By joining the monthly donation program you are part of a community of devoted animal lovers who help the Humane Society respond quickly and effectively to animals in need of immediate protection and care

Each month we’ll withdraw your donation directly from your bank account or credit card and put it straight to work, sign up once and we will take care of the rest

Thank you for considering this special commitment and becoming our partner in animal welfare.

Click here and sign up to become a monthly donor!