Rabbits & Pocket Pets


Did you find a small companion you like and want to adopt?

Find out more about the adoption process and fill out our adoption form to get started.

If you didn’t find the right little pet, consider putting your name on the alert list.  We will email you to let you know when the small critter of your choice is available for adoption.

RABBIT adoption fees

1 rabbit = $65
2 rabbits  = $100

CHINCHILLA adoption fees

1 chinchilla = $95
2 chinchillas = $145

SMALL RODENT adoption fees

1 Hamster, Rat, Mouse or Gerbil = $15
2 Hamsters, Rats, Mice or Gerbils = $25
3 Hamsters, Rats, Mice or Gerbils = $30

1 Guinea Pig or Degu = $15
2 Guinea Pigs or 2 Degus = $30
3 Guinea Pigs or 3 Degus = $40

FERRET adoption fees

1 ferret = $95
2 ferrets = $195

Can’t adopt but want to help?

Email emullen@peihumanesociety.com to get a wish list for the small critters currently in our care.

Donations of fresh greens are always welcome! Here is a list of safe, nutritionally appropriate greens for our rabbits and guinea pigs.