Our Adoption Process

Falling in love with a pet is easy and pet ownership is very rewarding.  Adopting a pet, however, is a big decision. Dogs, cats, and rabbits require a lot of time, money, and commitment.  Our experienced adoption counsellor will gladly help you find an animal that’s likely to be a good fit for your lifestyle and living arrangements.

Once you’ve made your decision on your new family member, there are a few things you need to know about our adoption process: Our adoption process

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to adopt a pet from the PEI Humane Society.
  • There is a minimum overnight holding period to allow adopters to fully consider their decision to adopt and to prepare for your new pet’s arrival in your home. The holding period applies to all adoptions.
  • If you want to adopt one of our dogs, all members of your household must come to the Shelter to spend time with your potential new pet – including any dogs you may already own – before the adoption can be finalized.
  • Once you’ve made your decision to adopt, all you need to do is submit your Adoption Application form.

Please Note:

Some animals draw more interest than other animals and therefore more than one application may be submitted per animal. In those cases, the Adoption Counsellor will review all applications and select the home best suited for that animal’s individual needs.

All applicants will be contacted no matter what the outcome of their application.

If all applications submitted on an animal are of equal merit, then the first applicant will be chosen. All remaining approved applications will be kept on file for the next 6 months and applicants are encouraged to continue their search and to keep in touch with the Shelter.