Happy Tails


We love to hear from people who have adopted their furry companion from us.  After all, happy fur-ever after is what it’s all about!  CLICK HERE to send us a story and photo of your adorable pet.


StanleyStanley was the one!!We wanted a calm, quiet big lug, and Stanley fit all of that, he made himself at home in no time!!

Joan and Jett

JJOne year ago a couple of 9 month old Humane Society strays came to live with us. We named them Joan & Jett (formerly Kaye and Milly) and they immediately staged a kitty coup and took over the house. They still rule the roost here at our place… but they don’t fit in their favorite closet storage box as well anymore. :)


AzaleaWe couldn’t be more happy with her, she is such a grateful, absolutely lovable cat! Azalea has made herself right at home. She always has to be near us and she just loves my son, who is 5 years old, she lets him tuck her into his bed and cuddle up with her. She is just purrfect :)

Allister and Annabelle

aaAllister (formerly Gobi – black cat) and Annabelle (formerly Spira – white cat) were both adopted from the PEI Humane Society last winter as kittens, Annabelle in December and Allister in January. They are the very best of friends and love each other very much. They each made the journey to Newfoundland shortly after their adoptions, and now they are an irreplaceable part of our family. This Christmas was Allister’s first and he quickly learned how to scale the Christmas tree in record time. Annabelle’s loose kneecap prevents her from doing a lot of climbing but she can jump up on the windowsill just fine, she hardly wobbles when she walks anymore. Thank you to the PEI Humane Society for bringing them into our lives.


flurryWe are so happy that Flurry (formerly Avon) caught our eye at the PEI Humane Society in November! She is very social and playful, and even enjoys coming along on our weekend adventures (photo taken at Point Prim). We can expect her greeting us at the front door when we come home and sleeping at the foot of the bed at night. She fits right in with our family!


Ramsey (formerly known as Chase)Ramsey is settling in nicely and has already learned to do his business outside!
He came to us a happy and healthy little fella and he fits right in.
Thanks for all you do for those that can’t do for themselves!


TenleyTenley is a sweet cat she loves to sit on the arm of my couch and behind my head is doing excellent with my cat cappy. I’m so happy to have her as part of my family.


willi_and_tedMy boyfriend and I had made a few trips to the Humane society before deciding on adopting Willie (formerly know as Armando). From the moment we brought Willie home he and his new brother Ted loved each other. They spent hours running and playing around the house before settling down cuddling with each other. His new favorite hobbies are playing with his feather toys, climbing his cat tree, and of course spending lots of time cuddling with mom, dad, brother Ted and his newest brother Oliver! (our newborn son). He loves to spend time with dad on the lazy boy chair or with mom and Oliver on the couch. Him and Ted also love snuggling up inside Oliver’s car seat. Everyone in our home is immensely glad that Willie is now a part of our family.


bravoI have loved my first year with my family! I have grown into quite a large cat since being adopted in January, 2013. I have very large paws and a long bushy tail that my family just adore. I also have a fluffy lop-eared brother named Winston! We run around and play together sometimes! I love to play fetch with my mommy and daddy using hair bands. I also like to drink out of water glasses as well as knocking them over… my family doesn’t always care for that. I’m very vocal and love to talk up a storm. Especially when there is a fly in our apartment.
Thank you to the PEI Humane Society for finding my family for me. I don’t know what they would do without me!

Yuki and Kyo

Well well what can I say about these brothers… They are a loving-handful, playful, funny cats that can make you laugh even on the worse of days. I am so happy that I was able to adopt them both because brothersthey are adorable with their different personalities.

Yuki is a very affectionate cat that will give you face nuzzles till you’re covered in white cat hair even when you are trying to sleep. Kyo is a very calm cat that gets along with everyone, even my neighbors overly affectionate licking mini dog of sorts. They both like to play fetch with their own specific toys and are great travel cats for when I visit my family in Nova Soctia.


GentryO’Malley (formerly Gentry) was the first of our furbabies and is still king of the house. He now has a younger sister (Finn the cat), and brother (Bruce the dog, also from the Humane Soc). O’Malley loves to rip around our house and chase Bruce, and is one of the cuddliest cats we’ve ever met. He is a bit of a rascal, and he definitely keeps us entertained!


bruce_and_kittiesAdopting Bruce was the best decision we have ever made. I saw his photo on the website and immediately called my husband to tell him we had to have this goofy pup with the floppy tongue.
As with most good things, Bruce took some hard work. The start of his time with us was tough, as he chewed everything whenever we left the house, could not go up or down stairs, and was afraid of loud noises. Each of these things broke my heart, as we knew whoever had this sweet, gentle dog before us had mistreated him.
But with loads of patience and love, Bruce is a totally different dog today than he was a little over a year ago. He is now confident, well mannered and playful. He is more than just a pet, he is our best pal who is always up for a adventure or snuggle.  I couldn’t imagine our life without him!


dora_2Ever since we adopted Dora in August, she has been a crazy bundle of Fun! Dora is very outgoing and loving. She is an odd but cute dog. In fact a couple weeks ago she went into the Christmas bags, and found both of her presents, amongst candy and other things. We are very happy we got this adorable little goofball for our family.


lola1Lola (formerly Momma Cass) gave birth and lived at the Humane Society in the fall of 2010, nursing four puppies. She is now living a well-loved and spoiled life in Halifax, NS. It has been so amazing to see her come out of her shell. She is so meek and kind, yet so exuberant when she gets playing in the snow! We love to go on long walks, and in the summer she loves to hang out at the beach!

Cosmington J. Peckerwheel

CosmoCosmington (formerly known as Cosmos) was adopted at 8 weeks of age from the Humane Society. After the tragic loss of my dog, Hobie, I went to the HS to see what dogs they had. The moment I saw Cosmos, I knew it was love at first sight, and that he was going to be mine. He is now turning 8 years old, and he’s been the best dog I have ever owned, or even been around. He is my best friend, and has helped me through some pretty dark times in my life. Although I almost lost him this year due to Hypothyroidism and Polyarthritis, he’s still here, and stronger than ever. Thank you, PEI Humane Society, for helping my find my best friend.


AndyWe adopted Andy shortly before his first birthday, to add a pet to our little family.
He has fit in so well, and can often be caught cuddling with one of the three little ones. He is very affectionate and a cuddler who and loves going everywhere in the car. He especially loves having all the running space he gets living in the country, where he has a few friends he likes to play with everyday.
We love him so much, and couldn’t happier to have Andy in our lives.


Robyn the GerbilHere are some photos of Robyn! She has gotten used to me and is doing very well. You can see in the photos that she has her own little hut to hide away in and she has a hammock with some soft fluff that she loves to sleep in. I also have a fence to block off a part of my apartment so she can roam around in the living room every once in a while.


CinnamonWe adopted Cinnamon from the Humane Society in July. We wanted an older cat and are very pleased with Cinnamon. When we were looking at the cats that were available for adoption, we liked Cinnamon but found he was a bit moody. The lady who works at the Human Society assured us that he was a very nice cat but just didn’t like being in that environment. She put him outside and we visited him there. He was like a different cat and we fell in love with him instantly. He is a very lovable, playful, sweet cat and he gets along with our corgi dog. He is exactly what we were looking for and kudos to the staff for knowing their animals so well. He is an excellent fit with our family.


CecilRingo (formerly Cecil) adjusted perfectly to our home with 2 young boys, a small dog and cat. He loves to go to the dog park for a run. All Ringo wants is to cuddle and be loved.


easter_bunny_gusGus (formerly Diezel) had me with the eyebrows. I thought he looked more like an old man than a youngen, so he became Gus to me. We just celebrated our 1-year anniversary together. As an adult, I never had a pet and he has been the best decision I have ever made. He is such a happy fellow and never fails to make me smile. After losing approximately 25 shoes, I am now fully trained to put the shoes away. I don’t think he was trying to be naughty but more that his way of thinking is “if I eat all her shoes, she won’t have any to wear so she will have to stay home with me every day…all day”.


DivaDiva a 5 year old feline has settled in most perfectly. As her name suggests, she demands attention, and we love to give it! After living years without a loving pet, Diva has brought much happiness along with fluffy tufts of hair into our home. She will greet us at the door, and see us off when we leave. She warms our laps, and happily accepts our kisses. Wherever Diva has come from,she was well cared for. We are very grateful to share our lives with this beautiful animal. Thank you.


TigerWhen I first met Tiger I instantly fell in love! He is so friendly and just wants to be loved. We got him over the summer and he has grown so much! He’s so cute with his ears that are way to big for his head. His description on his chart was “I’ll love you as much as you love me” and it’s absolutely true! He is such a loveable fella. So glad we got him! Wouldn’t trade him for the world.



My mom and I wanted to send you an email with some pictures of Georgie
(formerly Feist ). We have had Georgie for three weeks now and absolutely adore her. :) We have nicknamed her squirrel because she jumps around on our beds, stalks our feet, and races around the house at warp speed! Our other cat Ollie loves playing with his new sister but mostly just watches her run around (he’s too lazy haha!) Anyway, here are a couple pictures. Thank you for letting is adopt Georgie. She is a wonderful addition to our family.

Mrs. Potter

Mrs PotterWe just wanted to write to let you know that Mrs. Potter is getting along really well in her new home.  She spends most of her time being lazy in her bedroom! In the morning she wakes us up bright and early for breakfast and in the evenings she cuddles with us on the couch and rewards us with licks if we do a good job petting her :) We love her very much and are very happy that she is art of our family!


SophieWe adopted Sophie (formerly Cora)  to be a companion for our little Pomeranian mix. We could not be happier with the way it worked out! Sophie and Lilli run and play and sleep together, and they are the best friends a sister could ever ask for! We have lots of room for them to run and play without having to be on their leashes, and they never leave each others’ site. So happy to have Sophie as part of the family!

Bobo and Mimi

Bobo and MiniI recently adopted Bobo and Mimi. They are the best cats I could of ever asked for. They are both so calm and yet love to get attention. Some days they will give each other nose kisses and it is adorable. Bobo is too cute and so entertaining, he has such a great personality. Mimi is a very quiet girl but loves to get attention when she can. They are a good match for each other and I am so glad that I adopted them! Thank you so much I cant imagine not having them in my life now.

Muffin and Lucky Trails

Muffin and LuckyWe were so happy to adopt Muffin and Lucky from the Humane Society. They have settled in well and spend a lot of time looking out our big window watching the birds and keeping an eye on the neighbourhood. We love to hear the pitter patter of little paws through the house as they like to play chase with one another. They love to get little scratches under the chin and purr when they get lots of snuggles. Our house is so much more alive with these little cats living with us. Keep up the good work that you do!



WillieI am happily adjusting to my forever home! I have lots of new toys, but I must say that my very favourite toy is the string my new Mom tied to the back of a chair for me! I really love following my new Dad around the house, he is nice to me, sharing his big lazy chair with me! After supper, my Mom and Dad play ball with me, I love that! I especially love watching Mom go fetch the ball for me! She plays fetch really well for a human!! Well, I got to go now, it is nap time! Thank you for the good care you gave me while I waited for my Mom and Dad to come get me, love Willie (formerly Galaxy).


TommyFranklin (formerly Tommy) is the sweetest boy, he loves to talk all the time and he LOVES his cuddle time.He’ll curl up on my shoulders and purr like crazy while I’m around the house. Franklin also became fast friends with my other Siamese mix Auggie, also adopted from the humane society. I’m so glad that Franklin chose me and that I was able to give this sweet boy a happy home!


Stevie (formerly Steve)Stevie made himself at home right away and he became friends instantly with our chocolate lab Meg. He is a sweet friendly cat, who enjoys having his chin and belly rubbed and laying in the sun taking a nap in his chair. We are really enjoying and loving our boy Stevie.


GrizzleyCharlie (formerly Grizzley) fits well into our home! He settled in quite quickly and loves to be snuggled. He loves to have his belly rubbed too! We are so happy he feels loved ~ Thanks to the Lesa for making the adoption possible!


cletusWhen I heard my partner had picked out a 6 year old, 16 lb. cat my first thought was “I really shouldn’t have let him go alone.” But Thomas (formerly Cleatus) turned out to be a wonderful addition to our family. Our young children love him and I guess due to his size, he doesn’t seem to mind all the hugs and the youngest using him as a pillow. He paces the floor on work days when it’s nearing the time to wake up the girls. He often helps wake them, then he’s relaxed. He looks at books as they read to him, tries to steal their straws while they’re drinking (which causes lots of laughter), and insists on drinking from the tap.

Gemma and Jax

Gemma and JaxOur family first adopted Gemma (formerly Sundae) and a week or two later, adopted Jax (formerly Beanz). We couldn’t have picked a better pair! Gemma is a quiet, sweet cat who loves to cuddle. Jax is rambunctious, silly, and very affectionate, he makes us laugh…a lot! Both cats get along great with our two small children and our chocolate lab Molly Brown. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks to the staff at the Humane Society who were helpful both during and after our adoption process! You guys are great!


kkkkHope (formerly Carly) is adjusting very well to our home.
She sits for a long time staring at herself in the mirror.
She is an extremely loving cat .
She seems to be very happy and so are we .We love her very much !!


HT HarleyWell Harley was at the humane society for a few months after his buddy  Harley J (our existing dog at home) came in to adopt him. Harley is 7 and rather large with some health issues but who cared he was awesome.  I took him from the door of the Humane Society and could hear him saying “am I going for a drive?” “really me?” “oh I love drives!!” He was such a good boy, he sat in back proud as could be. Harley has lots of new toys, new tennis balls. new dog bones and new treats We are so happy to get Harley j (our first dog)a buddy like Harley and we are grateful for the care Harley got at our humane society.



HT AimeI fell in love with Kacee (formerly Aime) right away when I met her. We took her home to meet our cat Harlee and they have been best friends ever since. They are very vocal cats and tell us when they want to play or when they would like some treats. We would love to thank the Humane Society for helping us become the forever home our beautiful little kitty needed.


HT KirbyMia(formerly Kirby) has been a bundle of joy.She has made herself at home and learning the ropes from her big brother Jesse James.She loves to cuddle and have her ears and chin rubbed.We love her dearly!


HT LouieLouie settled in quickly, exploring every nook and cranny of his new home and finding it acceptable. His favourite places are on my lap while I work on the computer or on my head while I sleep. While he’ s very curious and loves to play with “mousie”, he’s never far, and the sound of crinkly paper will get his attention every time. His rumbly purr fills the apartment- and my heart- and I am very happy that Louie picked me to be his.


HT Marla ]We are very pleased how well Marla settled into her new home.She loves to give kisses . She knows the commands, sit and shake paw. She is a very lovable dog. We had a very good first night. Yeah no messes! Thanks to the PEI Human Society for bringing Marla to us and Erin and her staff for making this possible.

Scooter Boone

HT Scooter

It has been over a year since Scooter Boone (formerly Scooter) came to live with us. :)
Happy, happy, happy …


HT Batman

Batman is adjusting very well to his new forever home! He enjoys playing and driving his cat sister morel crazy but he is an interesting character. he is a big cuddler and enjoys sleeping on my neck at night or on my laptop!


HT Diego

Diego (formerly Dill) has settled into his new home and we just love him! He enjoys his nap time, but also loves to go for drives, play with his tennis balls and sniff his new surroundings. We couldn’t have found a kinder dog than him :)



HT Gizmo

Gizmo is a very active kitten he loves to climb. when I saw the heart mark on his back I fell in love with him right away. Gizmo and my younger dog just love each other. They love to lie on there backs in the sunlight and play ball together. He fit right in when I brought him home back in October. Gizmo is well loved even though he gets into everything, but he is a kitten!

Gemma and Jax

HT Gemma and Jax

Our family first adopted Gemma (formerly Sundae) and a week or two later, adopted Jax (formerly Beanz). We couldn’t have picked a better pair! Gemma is a quiet, sweet cat who loves to cuddle. Jax is rambunctious, silly, and very affectionate, he makes us laugh…a lot! Both cats get along great with our two small children and our chocolate lab Molly Brown. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks to the staff at the Humane Society who were helpful both during and after our adoption process! You guys are great!


HT Grace

Grace was originally a foster kitten and became a fully fledged member of our family by us adopting her. Grace is the sister of Matilda and like her she is just adorable. A little more lady-like than her sister and loves cuddles. She will cry to be picked up and just fussed. Grace is a very sociable kitten and gets on great with our other cats. Lots of love and cuddles in the years ahead, we adore her.


HT Matilda

Whilst fostering Matilda we just fell in love with her. She has such a personality that it is very hard not to like her. Our own cats love her too, although they all tower over her, but that doesn’t stop her bossing them about. Her favourite is Oscar, our Siamese/Himalayan, unfortunately for him he has a long tail which Matilda tries very hard to attack whenever he is nearby. Matilda is a very welcome new member of our family and hopefully we will have many happy years ahead of us enjoying each others company.



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 name is Friday since that is when we fell in love with his piggie pictures when he was featured pet of the day one Friday last June, and we went in to meet him and applied to adopt him that day. His new daddy built him a huge new 3 level kingdom full of fun hidy places, toys and food, and we even got a little brother for him to live and play with so he would not be lonely, and they still get along famously now, almost a year later. He really is a very social guy and loves to have his nose rubbed or scratched, he will stand on his hind legs to get a little nose scratch, especially if there is a treat to be had! Here is a picture of him smiling, he is so happy to just get to be a happy healthy loved piggie!