Happy Adoptions

We always enjoy receiving and reading stories from our “graduates” about how they’re settling into their new homes. Please feel free to share your own “happy adoption” story with us. You can send your story and pictures with “permission to post” to us at jharkness@peihumanesociety.com.



GPI wanted to thank you for our new family member Forrest the guinea pig! We love him!  What a fantastic wee fellow he has developed into over the past few months since we got him! He is still very much the silent type, but his personality has really come out, and now he is truly part of our family. He often has free range of much of the house and explores and begs for food with Bam Bam our not-overly-impressed dachshund! Ada, my 3 year old daughter, has become very attached to him, and Forrest has proven to be an excellent choice of pet for her!


21557973_1908166165875052_7122984248166419171_nWe adopted Gus (Kringle or Big Mac) in December 2016. We have given an update before on him, but thought you might enjoy these happy pics. Gus has been a great addition to our family. Our resident older kitty has gotten closer with Gus. She now accepts kisses/short cleaning sessions from him. The 2 kitties spend their days lounging wherever they want! They have a fabric kitty bowl, wool bed from Belfast Mini Mills, cat perch, cat cube and of course beds and windows. Gus loves to give kisses on the nose, he is impeccably clean and silky soft, and he enjoys his morning soft cat food (his Num-Nums). He really loves to finish his sister’s soft food, but only after she has left it (he is trying to be a gentleman). He loves watching the neighborhood in the open window. He is not happy that we have lowered some of the windows in the past week, because it was getting cool. He even tried to lift the window back up! He has definitely been a great addition to our family! He is so handsome and is very photogenic.

Thank you for all the work you do for the animals on PEI. We are very grateful.

Rosco & Mikey

25348263_2028877133803954_8968654442743312851_nWe adopted Pringles and Doritos, now known as Rosco and Mikey, several months ago and we couldn’t be happier. They are sweet and so much fun. Rosco, the larger of the two, insists on laying on my chest for a snuggle and some neck rubs when I get home and again at bedtime. Mikey is playful and likes to sit up like to beg for treats. We couldn’t be happier to have them as part of our family and we think they’re pretty happy too!



22555147_1959928600698808_451901554411894029_nHello humane society staff! A year ago today I adopted a rabbit named Jack when he was 4 months old. He’s now named Guinness and he’s a wonderful addition to our family! He’s a confident and curious little bun who’s really come out of his shell in the past year. He loves exploring, raspberries and head scratches! I can’t picture life without him so thank you for bringing him into my life!



23795365_1998219500203051_4567566301074881776_nHi my name is Macy
I have been living with my parents Brennan and Breanne for almost 2 months
I’m seven months old! 
I love people and give kisses to everyone I meet making everyone fall in love with me.
I love cuddling with mommy and daddy in bed with my teddy Bear Bear 2
My favorite treat is timbits
I know how to sit, shake paw,law down ,and stay although I don’t like listening when I’m distracted but I’m working on it
On days mommy and daddy have off I love going to visit my best friend Doyle.
Thank you PEI Humane Society for helping me find my forever home!


22449998_1952285418129793_6346805845801002087_nThe pics are from the trail behind our farm. I still keep him on a 30 line while he is “loose” to explore. Walking on a leash we are still working on because he just wants to play. But we are getting there. He is very good at fetch and has become friends with the barn cats and respects the horses. I think he may think that he has died and gone to dog heaven!


22489731_1952296804795321_6478571567352171802_nWe adopted little “Half Pint” , now named “Stella”, in Aug 2017. She is the happiest,softest and sweetest little kitten. She’s curious and loves playing fetch with paper balls. When she does have a cat nap, she sleeps all stretched out. She’s been a great addition to our family and so full of love. Every day she makes my heart happy. Can’t thank the staff at Humane Society enough… thank you for helping me find my fur-ever family xo Stella


26195453_2067477196610614_5153349614865659499_nPiper (formally known as Pipsqueak) has settled into the family and is adored by her human brother and sister!!

She is very smart and has learned some manners in the last few weeks and is starting obedience classes on Monday. She loves to be outside exploring and playing with her new family. She also has a new friend next door on the family farm, Penny an Australian Shepherd. She’s living the good life now!