Happy Adoptions

We always enjoy receiving and reading stories from our “graduates” about how they’re settling into their new homes. Please feel free to share your own “happy adoption” story with us. You can send your story and pictures with “permission to post” to us at jharkness@peihumanesociety.com.


buddhaJust wanted to pass along that Buddah, now Yoda, is getting along just great in his new home. Him and his brother, Rory are best of friends. He loves his walks and snuggling up with mom and Rory. He has been such a great addition to the family and we couldn’t have wished for a more wonderful pup!

Thank you for everything!!



IMG_0394Blackberry became Shadow in his new home. He has settled in well, though he thinks he is the king. He LOVES his new buddies, who are very patient with the new baby. He sleeps with Tucker and is literally Sam’s ‘Shadow’! He loves his new home.



12400799_10156457832075013_4488110941715186751_n (1)I wanted to send an update on Catbury, whom we renamed Shamrock because adoption day was St. Patty’s day.  He wanted me to tell you that over the past 2 years he has made himself right at home at Andrews of ParkHill in Summerside.  As you can see from the pictures he has worked very hard to move from trainee – to housekeeping – to now a supervisor in Administration.  He wanted me to tell you that he thinks there are many opportunities in plenty of other Community Care homes across PEI and would like you to put the word out to other adoptees that even though the pay is really not that great (there is no monetary remuneration) the payment in Hugs and kisses and pats and treats and toys more than makes up for it.

Karen Steele, Andrews of ParkHill



buddyWe adopted Buddy (aka PJ) at the Humane Society November 2014. We wanted to send an update and a special thank you to his previous owner for allowing him to join our family. He is an amazing dog.

From the moment we met Buddy we knew he would be a very special addition to our family. You can tell he was very loved in his previous life, and we are happy to say that has not changed (except he has even more adults and kids in his life to love him now). He is so well trained and loving. We realize that it must have been a very hard decision to surrender him, but want to let you know he has a wonderful life now. He is very loved, has multiple beds to crawl into at night and is so spoiled. We joke he has a better social life than we do every time one of the neighbourhood kids comes over just to play with him.

We learned he loves to be in the car and travel, and has now been to 4 provinces.  He loves the beach and the forest, and gets to spends lots of time at both.

Thank you to the Humane Society for hard work you do. And thank you to Buddy’s previous owner for allowing us the chance to meet such an awesome dog. Buddy’s Family



harrietWe adopted Harriet almost 4 years ago. She was around 5 yrs old then. She was very shy at first, but we let her fit in at her own pace. She is now a happy and loving cat. So glad we decided to adopt!

Brothers Fred and George

I’m sending along a photo of two of the rats we adopted in the summer plus our old rat. Brothers Fred and George and old guy Barry. We had a rat die and Barry was so lonesome so we adopted Fred and George as babies from you and they are best buds. They play and snuggle and sleep together.



sierraWe have now had Sierra for just about two whole months, and she’s all settled in. We just love her, even when she drives us crazy. She’s still got some mellowing out to do, but the more we continue to be patient with her, the more she continues to make herself feel at home. I’m still trying to get her to understand that the table is not a place for her to lie… A work in progress, as you see.



IMG_20160323_160849What an angel Caitlyn is!!! I’m head over heels for this kitty. She’s made herself so at home and there has been so much love and cuddling already! Thank you, PEI Humane Society for placing this beautiful soul in my life.



20160130_180155(0)I just wanted to send a thank you to all of your staff at the PEI Humane Society. I adopted Fraser, who I have renamed Andy, from the Humane Society just over a month ago, the staff and volunteers were so helpful and made the adoption process so easy. I knew Andy was a special guy when I met him, all of the staff and volunteers loved him,
everyone was so very happy to see him go to his forever home but sad to see him go. Andy had been at the Humane Society for a few months being nursed back to health after almost loosing his sight. The transition home went very smooth, he was greeted by his very excited big brother Ollie and at first he was a little overwhelmed with the kisses and love but he has since accepted that this is how Ollie is. The two have grown into best friends, they love to wrestle, play with a ball and cuddle of course. Thank you for everything you have done for Andy, he is happy, healthy and growing into a very confident cat.