June Microchip Clinics

IMG_5498Give your pet the gift that will last them a lifetime.  Microchip ID is a painless, permanent way of identifying your pet that could help them get home if they ever became lost.

Saturday, June 04 – Montague Vet Clinic

Sunday, June 05 – Souris Vet Clinic

Saturday, June 25 – Southport Animal Hospital, Stratford

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Viral infection, panleukopenia, is seen every year in kittens and unvaccinated domestic cats on Prince Edward Island.

11026691_10152885618550753_908774315_n The Prince Edward Island Veterinary Medical Association wants to ensure cat owners are informed and educated about the contagious viral disease, panleukopenia infection, also known as feline distemper in domestic cats. Click here to read the full release.

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It’s Kitten Season at the Shelter!

kittens 054Every year we adopt 200-300 kittens plus Mother cats during the Spring to early Summer.  About 90% of Mother cats and baby kittens come to the shelter as strays.  Many have compromised immune systems and need extra medical care.  Food, litter, toys, etc from the shelter are supplied to all foster homes for Mommy and kittens. They stay in foster care for 6-8 weeks until they are big enough to be adopted. When they come back to the shelter, they have a full health check with vaccines, flea and worm medication and spay or neuter surgery.  Over 270 kittens were adopted last year and 200 came in as strays. That is an incredible amount of food and medical care.

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