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Province declares Prince Edward Island Humane Society Day

For Immediate Release
July 22, 2014

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI — In recognition of the 40th anniversary of the Prince Edward Island Humane Society, the Province of Prince Edward Island is pleased to declare July 22 as Prince Edward Island Humane Society Day, says Minister of Agriculture and Forestry George Webster.

“For forty years, the Humane Society has inspired and engaged our Island community to create a more compassionate world where animals are valued and treated with respect,” said Minister Webster. “The Province of Prince Edward Island is pleased to help celebrate this important milestone for the organization and looks forward to our continued partnership.”

The Department of Agriculture and Forestry has a strong partnership with the PEI Humane Society. Through the Companion Animal Protection Act and Dog Act, the Humane Society has the power to respond to calls relating to stray dogs, dangerous dogs and companion animal welfare. The province also partners with the Society to help i mprove education for pet owners on good companion animal care practices.

“The PEI Humane Society is honoured for this recognition,” explains Wendy MacIntyre, President of the Society’s volunteer Board of Directors. “We owe a great deal of thanks to the initiative and perseverance of our nine founding community members (Dr. James Higgins, Dr. W. Capier, Mr. B.F. Daley, Mrs. J.T. Bentham, Mrs. J. Dempster, Mrs. J. Sutherland, Mrs. C.N. Bissett and Mrs. J. Brown), as well as our dedicated volunteers, staff and generous donors. We are proud to continue a forty-year tradition of care and protection for lost, abandoned and homeless pets on PEI; as well as advocating for continued improvements in companion animal welfare, in association with our partners in the community.”

Proclamation Day

No Hot Pets

No Hot Pets is a campaign encouraging pet owners to take their pet with them when they park their car. Help us share this message. Let’s have no hot pets this summer!NHP

If you would like a copy of our Don’t Forget Your Pet poster for your business or workplace you can print a copy by clicking here.


 “Poco’s Pledge” Continues

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In response to a growing incident of animal abandonment cases, the PEI Humane Society is launching “Poco’s Pledge”, an awareness and fundraising campaign to promote responsible pet ownership and to help end companion animal cruelty on Prince Edward Island.

Poco’s Pledge is named after, a tiny, elderly Chihuahua who was discovered on a downtown Charlottetown street by a Good Samaritan and brought into the Society’s care as a stray. Although he had a collar on, he did not have a tag, license or microchip and, was never claimed by an owner. Abandoned, but not alone, the Society staff gave him a new name (which is Spanish for tiny) and provided him the medical care he needed – including diagnostic blood work, medication, a specialized diet and dental work  -  to prepare him for placement  in a loving new home.

Unfortunately, this Spring there have been multiple instances when animals have come into the Society’s care under exactly the same circumstances as Poco’s.

“There is no excuse for pet abandonment on PEI,” explainsAnimal Protection Officer, Jeff Barrett.  “Leaving an animal outside on the side of the road, with no means of protecting itself, is not only inhumane; it’s considered a form of animal cruelty under the law. The PEI Humane Society operates an owner-surrender program which allows pet owners to relinquish their pets to us in a safe and respectful manner, regardless of their circumstances. It also allows us to learn important information about an incoming animal including health, behaviour and medical issues. “

 “This is exactly why we’re encouraging everyone to support Poco’s Pledge,” adds Executive Director, Kelly Mullaly.  “We’re asking all Islanders to visit our website and to sign Poco’s Responsible Ownership Pledge which acknowledges that pet ownership is a long-term responsibility and includes: proper shelter, diet and exercise as well as veterinary care, spaying or neutering, and proper identification in case an animal becomes lost.  We’re also seeking financial support as part of the campaign, which will go directly to helping us help pets like Poco when they do come into our care.”

The Society is contracted by the provincial government to enforce the Companion Animal Protection Act, its Animal Protection Officers respond to an average of 375 humane complaints each year.  The complaints can range from insufficient food, water or shelter to animal hoarding situations, neglect and abuse. Pet abandonment is considered a crime under the Companion Animal Protection Act and can also be prosecuted on PEI.

“Pet ownership is a long-term commitment that should not be taken lightly,” said Minister ofAgriculture and Forestry George Webster.  “The Province of Prince Edward Island values our strong working relationship with the Prince Edward Island Humane Society to help improve education for pet owners on good companion animal care practices. We will continue to work together to raise awareness of important animal care initiatives.”

The PEI Humane Society operates the Island’s only Shelter for lost, abandoned and homeless companion animals and is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2014.  More information about Poco’s Pledge can be obtained at: or by calling (902) 892-1190, Ext. 21.


Garment Depot Names PEI Humane Society as Charity of Choice

Garment Depot Announcement

The Garment Depot is pleased to announce they have partnered with the PEI Humane Society as their new charity of choice. The Garment Depot, formerly known as Froggies, is located at 9 Jordan Crescent, in Charlottetown. It operates as a quality used clothing and house- wares retailer. Donations of slightly-used clothing, footwear, accessories, house- wares, lines and books are always welcome however, it does not accept furniture or electrical appliances.  Every donation to The Garment Depot is weighed and for every pound of donated goods, a monetary donation will be made to the PEI Humane Society, which operates the Island’s only shelter for lost, abandoned and homeless animals. Donations must be brought directly to the Garment Depot on weekdays from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am – 6pm. More information can be obtained by calling (902)-367-4044. 

Book Raises Funds for PEI Humane Society

Hilary Prince of Stratford has published a collection of stories about the animals she has known throughout her life in a book called “Best Friends”, which is now available at the PEI Humane Society with a donation, in lieu of a purchase. A collection of eight real-life stories and two poems written by Prince. Stop by the Shelter today to pick up your copy.   Hilary Prince, Foreward “Best Friends” “We can acquire pets, preferably from an animal shelter,or by accident when an animal adopts us. Both ways also require dedication, responsibilities, and careful thought before becoming an animal guardian.  Pet care is not inexpensive and it is wise to talk to a veterinarian who may help you understand what is required on caring for a pet physically, financially, and emotionally.  As most of you know, there are many excellent books on pet care. It’s a good idea to study several before your pet arrives.”

Hilary Prince Kelly andEx Rosy

Hilary Prince, author featured with Kelly Mullaly, Executive Director of the PEI Humane Society and Rosy the dog.

Stretch and Scratch

3 Help restock the PEI Humane Society Stretch and Scratch supply. You can make a donation toward the  purchase a Stretch and Scratch for the cats and kittens at the Shelter. Click here to find out more.


Help the PEI Humane Society Collect Air Miles

airmiles Did you know you can collect Air Miles on behalf of the PEI Humane Society? It’s true, all you need to do is print of a copy of our Collector Card Number and present this number at participating Air Miles retailers.  The Air Miles you collect will go directly to our account. The PEI Humane Society uses Air Miles to help with the purchase of day to day items that are needed at the Shelter.  Air Miles are also a great help in allowing our Shelter staff to attend industry conferences and seminars, where they learn new techniques on improving the lives of Shelter animals. If you would like to start collecting Air Miles for the PEI Humane Society simple print of a copy of our Collector Card Number here.   Happy Collecting!