Dog Park Closed for Spring Maintenance

Starting tomorrow the PEI Humane Society dog park will be closed for our Spring maintenance. We will be re-opening by June 13th for the annual Doodle romp.  Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 28th.  We will be doing a fundraising BBQ & Grand-reopening of the dog park.   Moving forward the dog park memberships will be discontinued in lieu of donations and our fundraising event.  It will be fun filled afternoon for the dogs and owners.



PEI Humane Society's photo.I am very taken with Sadie. She needs a person who understands cats.

When she wants some loving she will come to you and head bunt you, lick your hand and give you sweet little kisses on your face. Sometimes she just wants to play, and she is a little athlete. She leaps and bounds and jumps to catch flies and chase after feather wands. And at other times, she needs her quiet time to relax and nap and groom herself in peace while sitting in a patch of sunlight looking out the window.

I feel that Sadie will really blossom when she gets into her new home because the barking dogs and other cats in the Shelter seem to upset her by making her anxious. Once she is settled and can be the apple of someone’s eye, and she doesn’t have to worry about other animals, she will be even happier.

I think she is a lovely cat that is a bit misunderstood. I think she would do best with a young couple who want to play with their cat.


Happy Adoption Tali & Izzy

PEI Humane Society's photo.It has been a month and a half since we adopted Tali and Izzy (formerly Sabina and Babita) and we can’t imagine what things were like before they came home. They are both happy and active kittens and are inseparable, providing us with hours of entertainment. Izzy is still very timid at times but is growing more bold every day, and Tali watches over her closely. We love our new family members and want to thank Erin and all the staff at the humane society for taking such wonderful care of all the animals there.